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Marine Photo & Video Production Services

The marine & yachting industry is fuelled by passionate buyers: we're here to tell your brand's unique story and to form an emotional spark with the customer, increasing retention rates and profits by over 25%.

High-Energy Cinematics

industry leading Marine Film Services

8k Video storytelling

From initial storyboarding to final editing and delivery, we'll work with you to shoot and edit an impactful story that's tailored to your ideal audience.
All our footage is shot at a minimum 4K Ultra-High Definition. Want more? Plan a project using our stunning 8K cinema cameras, the highest standard resolution in existence.

Rocksolid stabilization

Shooting on the water is one of the roughest production environments there is. Our 4-axis stabilization rigs will ensure your footage is buttery smooth, regardless of weather and nautical conditions.

Aerial drone production

breathtaking Aerial photo and video

Unique perspectives

More nimble than a helicopter, at a fraction of the cost. Aerial drone photography and videography unlocks limitless camera positioning above the water, offering unique perspectives that show your boat best.
Our aircraft fly at up to 40 knots, keeping up in most scenarios and operating even in windy conditions. Flying full speed anywhere from 400ft high to just a few feet off the water, exhilarating visuals are a guarantee.

Ready at a moments notice

Our drone pilots are certified by Transport Canada for Advanced Drone Operations.
We can be up in the air capturing beautiful imagery at a moments notice, including within controlled airspace and urban areas.

Action, Lifestyle, & Luxury Stills

Boat photography that's cover-worthy

Versatile Applications

Social media, print advertisements, billboards, online ads, and your website: just a few of the potential venues for the photos we capture. Final images are provided in a variety of formats and resolutions to maximize their downstream uses.
Our work has appeared in:

National Geographic LogoPacific Yachting LogoPower and Motoryacht Logo

Professional Experience

Professional photo editing and touch-ups ensure your story is told just right.
We'll leverage our experience in commercial marketing and magazine yacht photography to deliver stills that blow the competition out of the water.

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Interactive VR/AR Experiences

custom-built Yacht vr/ar experiences

Dynamic & responsive

Our 360° immersive photos, videos, and 3D models break beyond the limitations of traditional media, allowing viewers to move and look around the scene as though they are really there.
Our projects can be accessed by any internet connected device (including mobile, desktop, tablet, VR headset, and smart-TV), and are compatible with multiple platforms including Facebook, YouTube, Google, and our online interactive experiences.

Your #1 conversion tool

Use an immersive experience to put your product in your pocket and into the hands of your consumers. Simplify your sales process by empowering prospects to explore your craft with an online virtual tour 24/7.

Chase-Boat Services

chase-boat services for extended angles

Experienced Captains

Our experienced boat operators know Howe Sound like the back of their hand. They can recommend production locations around Vancouver and Vancouver Island, keep in touch with nearby vessels, and safely maneuver into position to get the desired shot with expert skill.

Ultimate Flexibility

Our chase-boat services allow us to shoot across the water for both still photography and videography, a staple in our comprehensive shoots.


what people say

Rest assured, this isn't our first rodeo.

Melissa Wolanski
Halcyon Hot Springs Resort
Captured our messaging perfectly

"Viscape 360 did an amazing job on our resort photography and 360 virtual tour!
Phoenix was professional, easy to work with and provided us with guidance throughout the shoot.  His drone skills are unmatched, and his creativity made for some breathtaking videos and photos. We were so pleased with the end result, that we have already booked a second shoot with Phoenix."

Virginia Stone
Manning Park Resort
Will be using their services again!

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