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The Power of Immersive Stoy Telling: now from the air.

Viscape 360 is excited to offer immersive photo and video from the air.

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Announcing Drone 360 Photo & Video

Did you know that immersive images are statistically proven to be 300% more engaging than their traditional photo and video counterparts? 📈

We’re ready to capture immersive media from just about anywhere, and can go beyond the typical boundaries of human experience. Viewing content in an immersive format gives the viewer a first-hand experience, making it feel as though they are there.

Combine this strong story telling medium with a view from the sky, and something truly extraordinary is created.

Viscape 360 Imaging Inc. is proud to offer aerial photography in the Vancouver area, using our drones (registered with Transport Canada) and licensed drone pilots to offer aerial services of the highest calibre: both in 2D (photo/video) and immersive formats.

Check out our most recent aerial Google Street View contributions, featuring images captured in Nova Scotia and British Columbia:

Cape Breton, Nova Scotia.

Vancouver, British Columbia.

Surrey, British Columbia.

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