Using Tech to Bring Vancouver's Cherry Blossoms to the World!
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Using Tech to Bring Vancouver's Cherry Blossoms to the World!

Vancouver's streets come to life with cheery blossoms every year: check it out in immersive VR.

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A Natural Marvel within the City

Vancouver's streets come to life every spring, as trees blossom around the city. A quiet unsuspecting street nestled away in East Vancouver attracts hordes of tourists every year: Graveley Street.

This year, with many of us restricted from visiting such gorgeous locations due to localized COVID-19 lockdowns, our team at Viscape 360 decided to bring the blossoms to you. Check out the interactive image below to get a unique view of the famous street, without the crowds of previous years:

We captured this immersive image on Graveley St this April, which is also now Google Street View’s approved cover photo for the location!

We created this photo with a professional DSLR on a special bracket called a panoramic head, allowing us to capture and later stitch together 5 separate images – creating a single final photo with a resolution of over 150 megapixels!

Capturing one of Vancouver's best cherry blossom locations for 2021 was a lot of fun!

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Click here to view on Google Street View.

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