New Industries Going Immersive
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New Industries Going Immersive

Last Spring, we brought a new company into the metaverse.

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New Industries are Harnessing the Power of Immersive Imaging Tech!

Last Spring, Viscape 360 Imaging Inc. proudly brought a new company into the world of immersive imaging when we completed a project with Vancouver exterior cleaning company Prima Soft Wash and Exterior Cleaning Inc.

To both our own and our client's knowledge, Prima Soft Wash has just become the first ever soft washing company to incorporate immersive content into its business. Fitting, considering that the firm opened its doors a long time before many of its competitors; Prima Soft Wash and its owner, Adam Savage, have always been ahead of the curve in their industry.

The Breakdown

This project involved 2 different onsite days in April, each focused on capturing one of the soft washing company's two main services (roof washing on day 1, and building washing on day 2). The first day offered spectacular weather, allowing us to capture photo, video, 360 immersive, and aerial drone content under the blazing West Coast sun.

An aerial drone photo of one of the strata community's roofs being washed.

Uncooperative weather: check!

While the Lower Mainland's more typical rainy weather returned on the second day of shooting, both teams (ours and our client's) took it in stride. We are experienced and prepared to work in a variety of weather conditions, offering all of our services in hot, cold, windy, or snowy environments, and most of our services in the rain. Of course, any and all indoor aspects of our projects proceed regardless of outdoor weather conditions.

Phoenix Toomath, Founder of Viscape 360 Imaging Inc., gearing up for a shoot in the rain (captured by Jadzia Porter, Toomath's fiancée and Viscape 360 team member).

In situations where our drone is unable to complete a scheduled flight due to inclement weather, we will delay that portion of the project to a previously scheduled "rain day". If a delay is unsuitable for the project or client, we work directly with the client to come to an agreeable solution in order to uphold our satisfaction guarantee.

It's exciting to see new companies and industries harnessing the future of digital media. Immersive and interactive content creates a rich environment for the viewer, allowing them to make discoveries in a more intuitive and free thinking manner then that delivered by traditional 2D photo and video.

Reach out to us today to learn more about how your small business might utilize this new technology. We're always happy to talk and brainstorm new ideas.

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