How Vancouver Small Businesses Can Improve Their Google Ranking
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How Vancouver Small Businesses Can Improve Their Google Ranking

Photos, reviews, and Street View imagery all play an important role in improving your ranking and presence on Google.

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Adding a 360 Google Street View photo of the interior and exterior of your business is a great way to boost your search ranking with next to no ongoing effort! Once the 360 photos are captured, uploaded to Google, and linked to your Google Business Profile, there are no recurring costs or work required. Allowing online searchers to explore your business in a 360 environment boosts confidence in your store, as they can see for themselves that you're reputable.

Viscape 360 is Google Street View Certified, a partnership with Google which allows us to directly edit Google listings and Google Street View photos of your business. We offer this as both a standalone service, and as a complimentary add on to most virtual tour / interactive experience packages.

Our Google Maps 360 photos have garnered over 700,000 views as of November 2022, and they will continue to reach new audiences for years to come. Here are some of our favourite 360 Google Street View photos that we've created:

Vancouver BC's PNE (52,000 views)

Banff Alberta's Banff Boutique Inn (45,000 views)

Vancouver BC's Montrose Park (32,000 views)

Vancouver BC's famous spring Cherry Blossoms (27,000 views)

Squamish BC's Chief Lookout (14,000 views)

West Vancouver BC's West Bay Park (10,000 views)

Powell River BC's Salish Sea Dive Shop (4,000 views)

We're closing in on a million total views on our Maps contributions - that's a million times that consumers with real search intent (such as searching for a park to consider going, or for a business to consider shopping at) have taken our images into account when making their decision. Google favours business profiles that are the most complete - this includes having photos, descriptions, reviews, questions and answers, and 360 photos. Let us help you get there - submit a contact us form to reach out today.

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