100% Carbon Neutral, Since Day 1
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100% Carbon Neutral, Since Day 1

Viscape 360's operations release zero emissions - and it's always been that way.

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Preservation of the natural environment is at the top of our priority list. We pursue projects with sustainable missions, offer them generous discounts on our services, and strive for our own sustainable business development.

Viscape 360's operations have been 100% carbon neutral since the beginning. Every month, we add up our energy usage, vehicle usage, and other emission-generating activities, and offset the total theoretical amount of carbon used through the investment into clean technologies.

How Viscape 360 is carbon neutral

In essence, this means that we fund a proportionate amount of clean energy as what we release ourselves. For every tonne of CO2 emissions generated by gas vehicles and energy usage, we pay for an equivalent amount of clean energy (wind, solar, or other renewable energy source) to be released back into the grid, or for an equivalent amount of carbon to be pulled out of the atmosphere via carbon sequestration.

We are currently restructuring our sustainability policy to become net negative by 2023.

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