A Unique Training Video for an Online Course

National Softwash Institute of Canada


Drone Production, Photo, Video



Photography / Videography

A Unique Training Video for an Online Course

We shot and edited a unique 1hr training video while working at heights.

The Goal

When the National Softwash Institute of Canada approached us to produce their new online training video, we knew this project was going to be unique. The organization strives to educate students across Canada on the opportunities within the softwash exterior cleaning industry, and equip them with the technical skills needed to operate their own business. Viscape 360 was tasked with capturing and editing the entire process of washing a cedar roof, and producing 2 final videos: a long form piece for course participants, and a short promo piece to entice individuals to enroll in the course.

The Process

The task of capturing the entire process of a softwash of a cedar roof brought with it some unique challenges related to camera angles and audio capture. Wet cedar shingles are extremely slippery, so our team was unable to capture audio and video close to the subject.

By rigging the softwash operator with a small microphone and external audio recorder, we were able to capture his voice clearly throughout the entire process as he explained what he was doing. In order to capture video, we fitted the operator with a GoPro capturing 4k video, operated our photo and video cameras from a ladder when they were close to the edge, and completed 3 full drone flights.

The Result

When production was complete, we went to work on both planned video edits (long and short). The final products were delivered on time and on budget, and included a 3 minute promo video, >1hr in-depth tutorial video, and 53 still photos.