Visualization Tool for a Pre-Build High-Rise Development

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VR / Drone Production

Visualization Tool for a Pre-Build High-Rise Development

The Goal

IDS Group, a Richmond-based real estate developer, came to use with a unique objective. In the pre-construction phase of the Willingdon-Rose development project, we were tasked with capturing 360 aerial views at a series of elevations from 100ft to 350ft for use in architectural renderings and to showcase the views that different units would have.

Vancouver Building Render
Render-based Floor Selector

The Process

Production for this project was limited to 2 drone flights - our Transport Canada certified drone pilot captured 6 super-high-resolution drone 360 images during flight #1, and a set of cinematic photo and video clips during flight #2.

In the development phase we tied together all of the captured media in an easy-to-use, captivating experience that includes information overlays highlighting nearby infrastructure (including SkyTrain stations, bus stops, parks, recreational activities, and major streets), an overlay of the building blueprint, a short cinematic video, an embedded Google Map, and (our favourite) a render of the project that the user interacts with to select the floor they would like to view.

The Result

IDS Group was operating on a tight timeline that we took seriously. Within a week of IDS Group submitting a project inquiry on the Viscape 360 website, we had planned, shot, developed, and delivered the final product and media. We provided a series of 2D and 360 aerial images at pre-defined elevations for use in architectural renderings, created a short promotional video that showcases the local scenery, and built an online immersive experience that allows viewers to learn more about the project, see what the view will be from different units, and identify key area infrastructure.

Here's what Josh Adelberg, President of IDS Group, had to say about the project:

"Phoenix and the Viscape team provided everything we needed, going above and beyond to accommodate our needs and schedule while providing exceptional value."

Check out the immersive experience here.