VR Showroom Tour with 360 Video Integration

Eclipse Folding Door Systems


Interactive Experience, VR/Drone Production



Interactive Experience

VR Showroom Tour with 360 Video Integration

Our Virtual Showcase of Eclipse's spectacular showroom harnessed the power of 360 immersive photo and video integration to make an impact on online viewers.

The Goal

After investing in a new showroom for their architectural products company, Eclipse Folding Door Systems (who builds and distributes high-end custom doors with integrated screens and shades) was searching for a way to showcase their new in-person experience at trade shows and on their website. Working together, we decided that an interactive VR web experience would be the best way to accomplish their objective, with integrated 360 videos showing how the screens, shades, and doors fold and stow.

The Process

In under 3 hours of production, we captured over 26x 360 photos (at various locations and showing every different door configuration) and 9x 360 videos (at various locations and showing the transition between door, shade, and screen), and delivered a full working draft of the experience within 14 days. The Viscape 360 also handled procurement of 100 custom branded headsets and 500 QR cards.

The Result

Custom branded VR viewers

In addition to making the complete virtual tour available online at a dedicated custom link, we designed, ordered, and delivered custom branded cardboard VR viewers and QR cards to Eclipse's HQ in Burnaby, BC. The cardboard VR viewers offer a high-value handout that can be given to prospects and buyers, allowing users to insert their existing mobile device into the specialized viewer and look around using it as a virtual reality headset. The QR cards offer a low-cost handout that places a physical embodiment of the virtual experience into people's hands, and allows them to scan the code with their device to visit the online virtual tour.

Eclipse also took advantage of Viscape 360's new custom deep analytics reports, providing them with a live online portal that displays key analytics metrics that are uniquely tailored to their marketing objectives. Our analytics services provide customers with the data they need to make informed decisions and rapidly refine their operational strategies.

Here's what Alexandra, Eclipse Folding Door System's Marketing Manager, had to say about the project:

"Phoenix is absolutely amazing. He's a pleasure to work with and gets things done in a very timely manner. His work is professional, great quality and he is always willing to go back and update things as necessary. He's also very patient and good at educating those of us that don't know too much about what he does. Highly recommend Viscape 360 Imaging!"

Check out the virtual showroom here.