Behind the Wheel of the Subaru Outback

Viscape 360


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Interactive Experience

Behind the Wheel of the Subaru Outback

The Goal

VR experiences can be impactful in the consumer buying process of vehicles (both new and used), so we set out to create a demo of what a virtual tour might look like in an automotive context.

The Process

Production was short and simple - a series of 360 VR images were captured in the driver's seat and rear passenger's seat to show the user experience, and in the trunk with the seat down to showcase the cargo area. A drone flight and series of standard still photography photos accompanied the project to provide a full interior and exterior overview of the vehicle.

The Result

This proof of concept demonstrates the power of interactive digital media to familiarize viewers with the features of a physical asset in a virtual environment, and help them visualize what it would feel like to live with that asset through an experience that can be delivered remotely and is available to them 24/7. Whether used as a first step in the sales cycle before an in-person viewing is scheduled, or as a tool that can be leveraged throughout the cycle as they make their decision, virtual tours offer a low-cost and low-barrier, infinitely repeatable (no increase in cost or burden regardless of how many people view it) solution that enhances both the buying and selling experience.

Here's what Phoenix Toomath, Founder of Viscape 360, had to say about the project:

"While immersive imagery is often associated with marketing buildings and the contents within them (such as real estate, small businesses, and museums), a refined project has huge applications in the vehicular industry. From cars, to boats, to planes, if you depend on in-person showings to inform individuals and sell your product, a VR virtual tour is something that you should implement into your sales process as soon as possible."

Check out the Subaru Outback immersive experience here.