Immersive Job Site Visit of a Services Business

Prima Soft Wash


Interactive Experience, VR Production, Drone Production, Photo, Video



VR / Drone Production

Immersive Job Site Visit of a Services Business

We made an interactive experience to allow prospective clients to 'visit' an innovative service provider's job site.

The Goal

Prima Soft Wash is a local exterior cleaning company which offers a specialized service: 'softwashing'. As we know all too well, marketing an offering that differs from others in the market can be challenging. In order to better market their services and increase consumer education and confidence, Prima approached us with the goal of creating drone and immersive content they could use as part of their sales strategy.

The Process

We completed production over 2 separate days, in which the company was working on 2 separate job sites. This allowed us to capture their process in both a commercial building wash and residential building was setting, which helped them create sales materials that were unique for each target market. We captured 4k and slow motion video, high resolution still photos, drone photos/videos, and immersive 360 images to capture the cleaning process as well as before and after photos that highlight the results.

The Result

Prima Soft Wash is likely the first business in its industry to leverage the power of immersive imaging tech, something that we're proud of. Feel free to take a look around their job site, and learn more about their services, at the link below.

Check out the interactive experience here.