Interactive Experience to Fundraise for a Renovation Project

Historic Joy Kogawa House


Interactive Experience, VR/Drone Production



Interactive Experience

Interactive Experience to Fundraise for a Renovation Project

We created an interactive experience to help a heritage house fundraise for a large renovation.

The Goal

On our second project with the Historic Joy Kogawa House, we were approached to create an interactive walkthrough of the lower level of the house, which is scheduled for renovations in the coming years. Our job was to capture the 'before' state, and to highlight where the renovation budget would be allocated in the project, in order to entice donations to the project as well as inform donor of how their funds would be used, then eventually go back and shoot the 'after' state once renovations are complete to allow online viewers to see the plans come to fruition.

The Process

This project has 2 main components: the before, and the after. Component 1 (before) was completed earlier this year. We captured 360 images throughout the lower level of the home, as well as inside the detached garage, for use in the interactive experience. The entire 'before' project was completed in less than 4 hours, which involved 2 hours of onsite production to capture 7 immersive 360 images, and 2 hours of editing and development to bring it all together. The 'after' photos and development will be completed sometime after 2024.

The Result

The final project is now online (check it out by clicking the link below), and is playing a key role in the Historic Joy Kogawa House's efforts to fundraise for the accessibility upgrade renovations.

Check out the interactive experience here.