Photo, Video, and Drone for a Leading Marine Insurance Provider

Navis Marine Insurance Brokers


Photography/Videography, Drone Production



Photography / Videography

Photo, Video, and Drone for a Leading Marine Insurance Provider

The Goal

Navis Marine Insurance Brokers came to us via referral from a past client, and we were excited to work with them from the get-go. Shooting on the water comes with a unique set of challenges, including weather, higher risk drone flights over the unforgiving ocean, and a constantly jarring platform when shooting from boat to boat (the waters around Howe Sound are often rough). This marine environment allows us to put our skills (and equipment) to the test, and is extremely rewarding when all is said and done. This shoot was no outlier in that regard, offering its fair share of tricky conditions and euphoric outcomes.

The Process

In the days leading up to the scheduled production, we made a decision with the client to change the day to line up with fairer weather - this decision paid off. The day was perfect - the team spent 6.5 hours on the water, zooming around on a small chase boat and capturing footage of Navis Marine Insurance Brokers' new corporate vessel.  We ended up with a wide range of footage to work with; aerial drone photo/video and photos and videos shot from the chase boat gave us a great range of footage to choose from when editing a promotional video and set of photos for the company to use in its marketing.

The Result

We delivered hundreds of high quality images and 2 promotional videos for the company to use on its website and future marketing.

Here's what Paul Mendham, President of Navis Marine Insurance Brokers, had to say about the project:

“Phoenix, and the team at Viscape 360, did a great job of capturing the visual message that we were hoping for and then were able to assist us in expressing that message in the short video they produced.  In addition, the high-quality still photos taken were excellent and will allow us a portfolio of great images for our promotional needs for some time to come.  All of that was done in the challenging marine environment with moving boats and weather.  We will be using their services again!”

Check out the promo video here.