Interactive Scavenger Hunt about Japanese-Canadian History

Historic Joy Kogawa House


Interactive Experience



Interactive Experience

Interactive Scavenger Hunt about Japanese-Canadian History

We produced a virtual scavenger hunt to help a museum connect with the community on BC Family Day.

The Goal

Historic Joy Kogawa House, a recurring client of ours that we always love to work with, had a goal to create a virtual activity to engage the community for 2022's BC Family Day. We leveraged existing 360 media that we captured at the house during a prior project to create a fun, engaging online scavenger hunt.

The Process

We were able to keep project costs down by porting over media that we captured for Historic Joy Kogawa House's full virtual field trip - after all, what would be the point in capturing a space that had already been captured before? In all projects, we strive to maximize downstream use while minimizing unnecessary work duplication.

The project was completed remotely by using the existing media. We spent our time planning the content in conjunction with Historic Joy Kogawa House, creating interactive touch points for hidden objects (such as significant documents and artifacts), developing them into an online immersive experience, and assisting in running a live online activity.

The Result

Families were able to join a live Zoom session on Family Day to complete the scavenger hunt with each-other and with the Historic Joy Kogawa House, but the experience was accessible online for the entire month so that families who were unable to join the live session could still take part.

The virtual scavenger hunt starts with a bundle of worksheets that users can download and print if they like. Completing riddles and a word search give participants a list of objects they need to find in the house. Each time they find an object in the virtual scavenger hunt, they are given a letter. Once they find all of the objects, the letters can be unscrambled to discover a secret message that kids can use during an in-person visit to the property for a free prize.

This project is a great example of the e-learning projects that Viscape 360 can fulfill. E-learning elements like timers, scores, and question cards can be utilized to make a great game (the context of this project), but can also be used to create strong education tools for students/schools, occupational training, and recreational safety training.

Check out the virtual scavenger hunt here.